Fred Hagelthorn

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Fred Hagelthorn
Residing In: Howell, MI USA
Spouse/Partner: Madeline Hurt
Occupation: Retired - Now Drive a School Bus
Children: Jason, born 1973; James, born 1976; Robert (Bobby), born 1980; Kelly, born 1983; Kim, born 1986
Military Service: Airforce  
Fred Hagelthorn


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Right after High School I attended Henry Ford Community College, for a while. Got bored so I did two things, got married and joined the Military. Eloped as a matter of fact, with Madeline Hurt. Eighteen years old, no money, no career, just love-you remember those care free times, right? We got married at the Justice of the Peace in Erie Michigan and just before the ceremony Madeline’s sister (our witness) fell down the stairs. She was alright but we were still laughing as we were taking our vows; we were scolded and told “this is a serious matter” which of course only made us laugh harder. We honeymooned in Niagara Falls, it was the year they “turned the Falls off”, and we kept it secret for several months. Eventually we let the cat out of the bag and got married again, this time in Church.

That’s when I realized I had to support her! So I joined the service. Served in the Air Force for 4 years and got stuck in Omaha Nebraska, SAC Headquarters (underground). I had planned to stay in the Air Force, earn a degree and become a pilot. After finding out I’d have to serve a total of 12 years, I knew I’d get bored so I got out (I did get my Pilot’s license though).

As the years went by Madeline and I were blessed with five wonderful children, which I had to support since Madeline was determined to be home with the kids. I have to admit that it did pay off, we’ve got a lawyer, a Software Analyst (soon to be a Pharmacist), a Fashion Designer, a Host at a popular night club in Las Vegas, and a Registered Nurse (not to mention a ton of debt for all those college loans).

I myself took some night classes when I had the time, added some technical training courses from DeVry but never put it all together to earn a degree. I worked as software engineer for awhile then tried my hand at sales. Got bored with both (see a pattern here?) so I went into Management. Didn’t take too long (six years) to realize that was a mistake so I started my own company, Compass Systems, Inc. I’m no longer bored, don’t have the time to be now. Anyway, Madeline and I are still together after 41 years, wouldn’t have had it any other way.

School Story:

Remember Mr. Ron Munson? One day in class, Ken Mital had to leave early for some sort of appointment. After packing up his books and heading out the door he turned back toward Mr. Munson and said something to the effect of "See ya later woman" then walked out the door.

Without hesitation and in a very vigorous but calm manner, Mr. Munson followed him out the door. Two seconds later we heard what sounded like a wrecking ball slamming against the lockers along the wall, and then complete silence. Everyone in the class knew that sound came from Ken’s head and body being slammed against the wall but when Mr. Munson retuned, everyone, including Mr. Munson, acted like nothing happened.

I wondered, right up until the class ended, if we’d find Ken sprawled out on the hallway floor, we didn’t but I think Ken was a little embarrassed the next time that class met. In spite of that, Mr. Munson remained one of our classes’ favorite teachers, including Ken’s.

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Fred Hagelthorn has a birthday today.
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